Upcoming Dating App Surprises with Its New Feature

Upcoming Dating App Surprises with Its New Feature on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Most dating apps currently available work in a similar way – you connect with someone and then decide whether you want to continue taking or not without any time restraints. With a new dating app, the situation is different. You will be given only one day a week to talk to a person in the app and it is Thursday.

The intention behind the new application, which is consequently called Thursday, is to help you avoid hours of unnecessary talk. It is easy to waste a lot of time talking to people in the app while it leads nowhere. With the app working only one day a week, there will be more motivation for people to be selective. What is even more interesting is that all your matches are deleted once it’s Friday. Besides the time limitation, the verification process requires you to provide your ID. This step is to ensure that people don’t use photos of others and catfish users in the app.

According to the developers, safety is a big priority of the app, so there will be ways to report users. One thing to note is that there will be only 10 matches available for free on Thursdays but people who get a paid account can also use it on Saturdays and don’t have limitations on matches.

What do you think about this unusual app? Share your thoughts on this approach in the comments below. 

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