Will Google Assistant Allow Lockscreen Texting Soon?

Will Google Assistant Allow Lockscreen Texting Soon? on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Google Assistant will let you send text messages via voice commands. Even if your screen is locked. Just specify the recipient.

Like a carrier pigeon

Google Assistant regularly receives updates that make its AI smarter and smarter. On your command, it will entertain you with music, help find the best deal on a coffee machine, and locate a pizza parlor with the best reviews. Or direct you to your destination via the Google Maps.

Another feature that is being in field testing is the text messaging dictated by your voice. Even if the screen of your gizmo is locked. As it's been reported, some lucky users can already benefit from a test version of this feature.

It is available as a part of Google App beta 10.28 version. And rumor has it that the clever option will be integrated into upcoming Android Q. Although no official sources have confirmed it so far. Voice texting (pardon the oxymoron) works this way:

  1. First enable Google Assistant with "Ok, Google!".
  2. Specify who's the receiver of your message. Note: They must be on your contact list.
  3. Dictate the message.
  4. Confirm sending.

Though unlocking your screen isn't too much of an effort, it quickly becomes annoying and tiresome. So let's hope this hands-free concept will find a place in the improved Android's DNA.

How about a story?

By the way, did you know that Google Assistant can be your personal secretary? Lately, it has received another clever update, in which Assistant gets synced to your Google calendar. Via your G Suite account, you can request Assistant to remind you when the next corporate meeting or a business brunch will take place. However, your personal events cannot be chronicled this way: the feature is only available for company accounts.

Since last spring, Google Assistant has also evolved into a story-teller. As a part of Google's initiative to celebrate the national Tell A Story Day, you can now command GA to entertain your children with a short story.

Cast this spell: "Ok Google, tell me a story," and you will be rewarded with both fun and edifying tale. The Assistant's catalogue ranges from such classics as Dr. Seuss to Mutant Ninja Turtles, Blaze & The Monster Machine and others.

If it's getting late and your kids should travel to the dream land, Google Assistant can tell them a bedtime story as well. The command is almost identical: "Ok Google, tell me a bedtime story." Immortal tales of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, Red Riding Hood and others will soothe your little ones into peaceful slumbering.

Let AI do the job!

Although Google hasn't promised that this feature will premier anytime soon, it'd be a great thing to have around. Besides, you know how to safely entertain your kids during a lengthy car trip or if you have urgent stuff to handle. Hopefully, Google Assistant will evolve enough to be a worthy adviser as well. And maybe a drunken conversation buddy?

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