Working Tips on How to Resync PS4 Controller

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If you have hard times syncing up a controller to the PlayStation, and wonder how to resync the PS4 controller properly, these tips are for you. The first thing you need to do is to turn the controller upside down and find the small hole on its back. You can resync it via this hole. But, if the controller is still not syncing, we offer you a way to fix the problem. However, you need to have a USB cable. This way you are going to stay bonded to the console, even when you don’t need it. It is your decision to make.

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Why Use USB?

Modern wireless controllers are a great invention of our times. And yet, many users ask us the same question: how do you resync a PS4 controller? It turns out that wireless controllers can simply stop working in the middle of the game, without any reason. There may be an interruption in the work due to the bad Bluetooth connection. USB cable removes all these problems. But this way your controller will be connected to the PS4 via the cable. If you have no problems with it, check the package of DualShock 4 controller, the USB cable must be inside. Anyway, you can buy USB 2.0 Micro-B cable separately.

How to Resync the PS4 Controller in a Few Steps

  • Find the L2 button at the back of your controller. Next to it, there is a small hole.
  • Now take something that will be able to get through this hole, like a paperclip, a pin, a needle, etc.
  • Poke this pin inside the hole, and push the button at the end of it. Hold it for a few seconds and release it.
  • Connect the DualShock 4 controller to the USB cable that is connected to the PS4.
  • In the center of your controller, there is a PlayStation button, to start PS4 remote play, press it. It will start the process of resyncing.

Beware! This method works only with the DualShock 4 controller. There may not be even a similar button on a cheap PS4 controller. If you use third parties like Scuf Vantage or Razer Raiju, you will have to search for other options to start the resync process. If your DualShock 4 controller does not sync up, check whether it uses the Bluetooth and tries to connect all the devices it sees, including your smartphone if you have used PS4 Remote Play before.

Is Your Controller Charged?

This is the first thing you need to check once your controller stopped working. Usually, we forget to check if the controller is charged enough to work wirelessly with PS4. So, basically, you can fix this problem by unplugging and plugging it back again. Check whether the controller is charging this time. If it is not charging properly, there is a whole new problem. Changing the cable may be a  solution.

The Best Solution

There are several ways on how to resync the PS4 controller, depending on the state of it. If nothing helps, you may connect to the company developers. There is a big chance that you will need another controller. But before you buy the new one, you can try a few things to save the old one. It is possible that the problem is not that huge and can be fixed in a few simple moves.

Have you ever had the problems with your controller? How did you fix it? You are welcome to share your own remedies here, in the comments below.

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