YouTube Music Replaces Google Play Music on Android

YouTube Music Replaces Google Play Music on Android on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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As we’ve expected from the start, Google Play Music had no chance, and YouTube Music was always intended to replace it. Now, Google made it clear that a new player is going to work together with Android 10 and 9 devices. YouTube Music will be already preinstalled on newer phones.

Google Says

According to Google Company, this is great news for all real fans of music. Now Android owners can enjoy YouTube Music quality. The player will be installed on Android 9 and 10, and the Pixel series. They offer to tap on the icon of the player and start listening to the music. And for all those who don’t have Android 9 or 10 systems, there’s an offer to get the app via the Play Store.

A Long and Dusty Road

This decision probably was painful for Google. YouTube Music was launched in November 2015, which is over 4 years ago. It is like 20 years in the constantly developing world of apps and tech. For now, Google Play Music is still available on Google Play. However, it looks like there will be no future updates for this player.

Is YouTube Music Better?

It has numerous features that may be appreciated by Android users. But it also lacks many tools of Google Play Music, like the ability to upload files in MP3 format to the cloud and stream them later anywhere. This was and still is the best feature of Google Play Music, according to users. Do you agree with them? Which player do you prefer? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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