YouTube Works on Hiding Dislikes

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YouTube developers have recently announced that they are trying a new approach to the famous video platform. This feature is going to change YouTube service significantly. The company wants to check whether the service will be more satisfying for users if they hide the dislikes’ count under the videos from the audience. We don’t know whether this change will be permanent.

YouTube reveals that they are in the middle of the “small experiment.” The company is going to try several designs with dislike counts hidden. Yet, don’t worry, the “dislike” button is still active, and you can push it anytime you want.

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At first, the information about new trials organized by YouTube appeared on their official Twitter page. Later they reveal more information in the post at their community forum. They assured users that they don’t want to take away the ability to dislike the video. Creators will still be able to see all the dislikes, and they will still have an impact on recommendation algorithms. At the same time, YouTube says that they want to improve creator feedback. According to the data they’ve gathered, publicly visible dislikes can motivate users to add more of them without even watching the content. Not only dislikes, but likes count will also be removed from the public eye.

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