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Critical Ops is a mobile FPs for Android and iOS. It features a few CS-like modes, special ops aesthetics, a rich weapon arsenal and online & live competitions. Disarm the detonators, practice your sharpshooting, forge a CO clan with your friends and make it to the top position in the charts. Download Critical Ops and keep your finger on the trigger!

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Graphics — 3.5/5

Critical Ops Android and iOS game looks pretty decent. Don't expect it to be cinematographic though. Buildings, trees, bushes, fountains are low-textured, but at least they don't make your eyes bleed. Thanks to physics, they can be applied as a temporary cover during heavy fire combat.

What's really disappointing is that Critical Ops free to play is riddled with bugs. Sometimes they look comical when one of your teammates gets stuck in the textures. The other times, they may cause hysteria when an enemy shoots you in the knee, but it counts as a headshot.

Gameplay — 4.5/5

Critical Ops full game is an FPS, which is packed with three main modes:

  • Defuse. You and your comrades must plant and defend the bomb.
  • Gun Game. Shoot everything that moves.
  • Team Death Match. Get as many frags as you can till the time is up.

The game's trademark gimmick is No Free-to-play, which is praiseworthy. However Critical Ops latest update introduced a new reward algorithm. Now trophies grant you more XP for the Critical Pass only, which means you have to cough up some cash to get them.

Another disaster that poisons game's sweet concept is the hackers that parasitize CO's numerous flaws. They don't have any problem with finding where you hide at the first try and landing an impressive headshot with the auto-aim cheat. As a result, we have Cheat-to-win here.

Controls — 3/5

Critical Ops game online, just like any other mobile FPS, is a tricky thing to master. Critical Ops last update changed the screen ratio, which makes control customization pointless. Movement/fire buttons are notorious for their unresponsiveness, and the only way to cure it is to use an analog gamepad.

Replay Value — 3.5/5

Critical Ops full game is one of the best mobile FPS titles. It offers a 50 million player community and a philosophy, which states that skills prevail over micro-transactions. However, its arena repertoire is meager, and hackers are cunning, and also it wouldn't hurt to have a few more modes.

The Bottom Line

This Critical Ops review warns you that numerous tech flaws — namely smoke glitch that obstructs your view — may cause a massive rage. Often they undermine your strategy and ruin chances for victory. At the same time, the game is benevolent to the players who want to enjoy it for free. Besides, there's always someone online to have another Death Match with.



CO is struggling with the glitches and has zero anti-hacker policy. At the same time, it's one of the few games not plagued by the pay-to-win curse. Download Critical Ops — one of the best CS: GO alternatives!

Pros : Four game modes;
No pay-to-win;
Players can join in clans;
Huge community;
Skills play a major role.

Cons : Campers & hackers;
Glitches may get you killed;
No Royale Battle mode;
A limited number of arenas.

Graphics 3.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 3

Replay Value 3.5

Average : 3.6


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  • Is there Critical Ops APK to download?

    Yes, there is.

  • Can I download Critical Ops on App Store?

    Sure, you can.

  • Can I get Critical Ops for free?

    Yes, you can get for free.

  • What is Critical Ops latest version?

    The latest version is 0.9.11.f147.

  • Can I install Critical Ops on iOS?

    Yes, it is available for iOS.

  • Where can I download Critical Ops on iOS?

    You can do it on the App Store.

  • Is Critical Ops app available for Windows 10?

    Yes, it is.

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