Lucky Block Mod for Minecraft Review

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Lucky Block Mod for MCPE is a resourceful addition to the Minecraft experience which brings about enhanced dynamism in the game — feeling lucky? Download Lucky Block Mod for MCPE and get cool rewards. 

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Graphics 3/5

Typical to Minecraft games, the graphics are not that impressive as elements, and the surroundings appear to be made of blocks. The game has a dull color tone, which makes it appear dreary. If you put the same weight on the graphics of a game just as you do on the gameplay, then Lucky Block Mod may not be for you. Retro style lovers won’t have any trouble overlooking the shortcomings of the graphics. 

Gameplay 3/5

Lucky Block Mod for MCPE gameplay revolves around giving the player more options and making the gaming experience more fun. Like a reward box, tapping on the Lucky Block unveils a random gift the player can use in. This Mod serves only one purpose, to make MCPE more interesting by bringing about more possibilities. With the Lucky Block Mod for MCPE, you can click on the lucky box and get new structures, new entities, and even new animals. Noteworthy in this Lucky Block Mod for MCPE review, you get bad rewards. However, you can increase the probability of getting good gifts by using gold ingots, which higher your luck. It’s fun and interesting to see the element of chance come into play. Overall, the gameplay is above average. 

Controls 4/5

The controls couldn’t get any easier to use. All you are required to do is to tap on the box, and a random reward will appear. Interacting with the environment involves dragging on the screen to shift to the desired direction. Pinching on the screen enables zooming in our out as desired. The controls are intuitive to use. Tapping on various rewards adds them into your list of items. 

Replay Value 3/5

Lucky Block Mod for MCPE offers moderate replay value. While you can’t tell the outcome of the reward, the process can get monotonous within a short period, therefore, making the game uninteresting to play. For storyline games lovers who enjoy new challenges, this may not be the ideal option. Worth mentioning in this review, the element of unpredictability makes playing with the mod worthwhile. You will enjoy Luck Block mod if a game of chances is your thing.

The Bottom Line 

If average graphics are not a bother and you are interested in enhancing your MCPE gameplay, then you can get a Lucky Block Mod for MCPE install for free. The Mod breaks the monotony in the game by bringing new possibilities, therefore making the game more interesting to play. You can try the Lucky Block Mod for MCPE Android or iOS version for free. 



Download Lucky Block Mod for MCPE today and get awesome rewards. Enhance the flow of your game using this mod.

Pros : Ability to increase the level of luck;
Simple to use controls;
Unlimited rewards.

Cons : Unappealing graphics;
May lag on some devices.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 3

Controls 4

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.3


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