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Secret Neighbor is an epic horror game developed by Hologryph & Dynamic Pixels and published by tiny build—the ingenious team joining forces to develop another ultimate multiplayer Hello Neighbor spin-off in the action genre. After a few alphas and beta, the game’s release date was finally announced to be 24th October 2019 for Xbox One and PC platforms.

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Graphics 4.5/5

Secret Neighbor offers stunning three-dimensional graphics but retained the simple and cartoonish style from Hello Neighbor. We are so used to seeing this style in indie story-rich games, but here it seems pretty frightening, and you will truly enjoy how the game feels. We liked the nice, moody and dark map of Secret Neighbor, which is not too dark. The atmosphere and music with spooky sound effects intensify the creepiness of the whole experience, and you will feel that some unknown entity is haunting you and jump at you from any corner of the house.

Gameplay 4.5/5

Fans who like the idea of a Cat & Mouse game or the presence of a spooky personality will surely enjoy what this social horror game has to offer. The gameplay is set in the Hello Neighbor Universe—a group of seven to eight players will break into a procedurally generated creepy house. Up to six players will get the role of the child each having different set of talents and passive capabilities, and they must cooperate to find their missing friend in their neighbor’s basement. They will try to unlock and get in to the basement of this bizarre place filled with set-ups, dispersed valuable items, and the basement keys. But finding the keys and the friend is not easy peasy lemon squeezy as one or two players are disguised as the Neighbor. They will try to gain the trust of remaining gamers, confuse, separate and attack them at the right moment to protect the basement. All players will use the main tool-voice chat and the hunter will try his best to manipulate and stop his mates from getting in to basement.

Secret Neighbor is more of a survival game than a story-based horror. Around seven to eight players, including the hunter, will play the game, but it is very difficult to identify the traitor disguised as a child. Children can only win if they successfully collect the various colored keys to open the basement door. The player disguised as the Neighbor has a new playing style, and he will utilize different gadgets to scare, baffle and isolate his mates.

Controls 4/5

Secret Neighbor is a first-person game, so players can easily control the direction. Normally, a player will carry two items. You can switch or choose your items by using the number buttons. The game has a brief tutorial on how to use buttons for different movements like for interaction, picking up an object, and other helpful information. Even the player disguising as the neighbor has the option of dressing up as a child. Overall, the controls are easy.

Replay Value 4/5

The developers of this multiplayer horror-action game have certainly figured out how to make it varied enough for play value and also keep it fresh. We will assess the replayability from two aspects; how quickly the players can identify the traitor among them and gather all keys needed to open the basement door. It will definitely take a few matches to work out an ideal route to search through the house, whereas the Neighbor disguised as a child is not going to take off his mask immediately, and has much room to go full Rambo on fellow players. Secret Neighbor download is available on Steam for PC and Xbox Store. We don’t recommend any illegal links offering Secret Neighbor free download as it is a paid game.

The Bottom Line

Secret Neighbor game is a pure psychological horror at its core. There are various actual “creepy elements” that will make you jump, like the graphics and terrible music that keep the suspense and enhance the tension. But the real fear initiates from the social interactions via voice chat with your mates, and you know you can’t trust them at all. We are sure our Secret Neighbor review has got all the information you wanted to find. Secret Neighbor system requirements have been mentioned on the Steam and Xbox Store. If you are downloading Secret Neighbor paid version for Windows, make you’re your PC is running Windows 7 or later versions with at least 6 GB RAM and 5 GB available storage.



This solid horror-action survival game is definitely well worth a peek. Download Secret Neighbor on Steam or Xbox store and enjoy it!

Pros : Great graphics and music;
Scary but fun gameplay;
Smooth gameplay.

Cons : Microtransactions.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.3


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