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Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2 Free is a logic puzzle game. It is available on such platforms as Android and iOS. Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2 Free coming out was awaited by many fans of the first part. Release date of the project is the 11th July 2016. The latest update of the Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2 Free game was shown on the 14th March 2019. So, developers still try to support their project. Download Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2 Free and plunge into interesting adventures.

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Graphics – 5/5

Graphics here are rather simple but very funny. You'll see various drawn creatures on the stylized background. There are a lot of juicy colors that make passage of the game more interesting.

Also, there presents excellent physics which is as close as possible to real life. Most of the logical tasks were created with its help. In some places, you will need to draw certain objects that will make it possible to overcome this or that obstacle.

Gameplay – 4/5

You will draw your Stickman that will have to burst into a new magical world and complete interesting tasks.
Walk around various color spaces, explore them, solve all sorts of puzzles, simultaneously fighting with enemies. They may be huge monsters, snakes, goblins, frogs, dragons and many others.

In order to deal with monsters, you will have to use pencils. New features allow you to choose more diverse colors and draw with tools of different sizes. With their help, you'll be able to create various tools, such as a pickaxe or sword, as well as paths, stairs, and other items.

It always will be necessary to overcome obstacles. You will have to use not only pencils but also logic. In the beginning, riddles are very simple, but then they become more complicated.

Perform tasks, moving on the map, and achieve success. Everything is in your hands, just take the pencils and start creating. Discover every secret, collect all the drawings and share your creative energy with the world!

Controls – 5/5

The Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2 Free latest version gives you complete creative freedom. Simply choose the color and size of the pencil line and proceed to work. Draw everything that you may use at the particular moment. You don't need to have special skills, just refer to your imagination.

Also, it's possible to go and interact on some objects, pressing on the screen of the device. In this Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2 Free Review we can say that unusual management with elements of drawing is the main feature of the project.

Replay Value – 3/5

It's interesting to pass through the game several times because it's possible to draw brand new weapons every time. You can choose from a variety of pencils and various tools with the help of which you can overcome different obstacles.

Anyway, you may get bored if you know how to solve some riddles. First of all, it's a logic puzzle game. If you know how to overcome all the riddles, it's not exciting to pass through the game.

The Bottom Line

Break into a completely new magical world, fill it with new colors and objects, fighting not only for your life but also for the life of the comrade who relies on you. Keep unique pictures in the album, share them, and allow others to use your drawings in their own epic adventures. Due to its unusual and not quite familiar fascinating gameplay, the project has managed to conquer a huge army of fans all over the world.



It is a new story in the life of Stickman who has to save a comrade. Download Stickman: EPIC 2 Free and help the protagonist.

Pros : Unusual gameplay;
Possibility to draw various weapons;
Realistic physics.

Cons : Not highly replayable;
Impossible to pass through all the chapters in the free version.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 5

Replay Value 3

Average : 4.3


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