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Roblox is an original and completely free MMO available for playing online. It’s a whole library of games created by the community. In this Roblox review, you’ll find out that the game consists of content created from thousands of blocks and different things thanks to the use of creative tools and script elements. The main feature of the game is an ability to make our own character. The inhabitants of Roblox universe include customizable Youtubers, CrazyBlox, Panda Knit, Builderman and other characters. Download Roblox if you are a fan of the game design.

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Graphics — 3.5/5

Simple 3d graphics with basic effects resembles Minecraft. If you are a fan of beautiful games, this one is not for you. Roblox studio is an editor where you’ll be creating your characters. You can choose from the basic templates or use free space to explore the editor’s features. With these options, you’ll be able to create a simple game. There is a set of pictures, weapons, cities, various objects, so that we can sketch something regardless of the chosen genre. Roblox does not require any experience in programming. You can choose colors, materials, effects and change scale and shape of an object.

Gameplay — 5/5

Roblox players are divided into two categories: players and creators. For creators, there are many different tools that can be used to create large maps and locations built from thousands of blocks alone or with a group of friends. Players can customize a location to determine whether it would be a shooter or just a social platform. After creating the world, players can place them on the site and advertise it among users. For players, there is a huge and wide range of various games with different themes and genres which are constantly updated.

You’ll find a large number of games including labyrinths, minigames, action, shooters, strategies for the development of factories, puzzles and even a game developer simulator. Human imagination has no boundaries, so even with a minimal set of tools, you can create something interesting. You can also upgrade your character using Robux, the game’s currency.

Controls — 4/5

WASD movement and interaction with the environment depend on a particular game. You’ll notice some hints telling which buttons you should push to start the process.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

If the graphics of the game were flawless, the replay value would be great. Sure, you can endlessly create your own shooters or racing until you get bored with the game’s simple graphics. Anyway, the process of detailed drawing of your own world is exciting.

The Bottom Line

Roblox attracts users with the possibility of creating characters and games. If you are dreaming about creating your own WoW, Lineage or Sims, this game is the best option. Download Roblox and become a skilled game designer.




Roblox is a unique game that transfers the classic gameplay into a real MMO. Create and customize your own content and share your ideas with other players!

Pros : Roblox studio to develop your creative skills;
Various genres;
Chat with friends.

Cons : Minecraft graphics;
Inapp purchases.

Graphics 3.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.3


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  • Where to find Roblox Android APK?

    You can find it on Apkmonk.

  • Can I download Roblox game for Windows 7?

    Yes, you can.

  • Where can I download Roblox app for Windows PC?

    You can download it on Microsoft Store.

  • Where to find Roblox Android mod?

    You can find it on the official website.

  • What are the Roblox Android games about?

    ROBLOX Mobile lets you explore the thousands of games created by builders and developers, trade messages with friends, customize your character, and more. There are a lot of different games.

  • Is there Roblox Studio APK to download?

    Yes, you can find it on the Internet.

  • Can I play Roblox for free?

    Yes, you can play online for free.

  • Is Roblox App free to download on App Store?

    Yes, it is free.

  • Can I download Roblox game for my mobile?

    Yes, you can download Roblox for both mobile platforms: Android and iOS. Depending on what platform you use, pick either App Store or Google Play Store link in the “Get app” section on this page. You will be immediately redirected to it.

  • Is there Roblox play online mode in the game?

    Yes. Roblox game requires reliable WiFi connection.

  • What do I need to download Roblox Android version?

    To download Roblox for Android go to its page on Google Play Store. You need to have at least 4.4 Android system and 88 M of empty memory space to start the downloading process.

  • What are the requirements to download Roblox iPhone game?

    The game is offered on App Store. Your iPhone needs to meet all the requirements. It has to be 8.0 iOS system or later and have 171.6 MB of free space. Check the Internet connection before starting the downloading process.

  • What is the age rating for Roblox apk?

    You can download Roblox game for your mobile device from 12 years. Before this age, only parents can allow their children to play Roblox under their control.

  • Do I need to register my profile during the Roblox install process?

    Yes, you need to create your own profile or to log in during the install process. This way you will be able to chat with other players and share your achievements with others.

  • Are all services in Roblox free of charge?

    No, while Roblox is a free game, there are numerous functions available only as paid services. For example, you can buy from 80 to 1000 Robux and Robux Premium.

  • Can I use torrents for Roblox download?

    Yes, there is a possibility that you will find Roblox on various torrents. However, this game is already free, so no need to risk your phone’s safety for nothing. Go to official app stores and download trusted and protected by developers version of the game.

  • What can I do if Roblox not working?

    If Roblox not working, you can restart the game on your phone, check whether the Internet connection is not broken, and reload your phone. If these actions do not help, contact Roblox developers via their official website.

  • Where can I download Roblox latest version?

    Roblox latest version is available to download on the same page of the app store where you have downloaded the original one. Check this page from time to time to see whether the new updates are made.

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