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Geometry Dash is an arcade game where you fly your vessel through a series of perilous mazes. This rhythm-based action performer is available for free — download Geometry Dash from the App Store and Google Play Store. 

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Graphics 3/5

With a retro design, Geometry Dash game features a warm and colorful 2D environment. While the graphics are not the best for an action game, a considerable amount of effort has been put in to ensure that the game has interesting visuals. The use of solid colors as background theme color makes different pages look appealing. Overall, the visuals are averagely cool.

Gameplay 4/5

Geometry Dash arcade game has one of the simplest gameplays in the arcade genre. The idea here is to see how far can you go by keeping your vessel from the various dangerous elements along the path. You have to guide the avatar through dangerous mazes and tight channels. You evade traps laid out on your path by moving the vessel side to side. One major downside with the gameplay is that the player loses their game progress immediately they fail, and must have to repeat from the start. Maybe the next Geometry Dash update will have this fixed by introducing autosave. Again, the narrow channels make it difficult to avoid traps. If you are speedy and accurate, you can do well in the game. Otherwise, you will have to start all over and over again. 

Controls 4/5

In regards to controls, the Geometry Dash latest version has simple controls. Moving your vessel upwards or downwards involves tapping on the screen. The challenge in regards to controls comes in when the element of timing comes to picture. You have to be prompt in moving your avatar, otherwise coming into contact with the traps will fail. Navigation in regards to accessing options is straightforward. There’s no hassle while moving around. 

Replay Value 3/5

The Geometry Dash specs are cool, in regards to graphics and controls. It is not a game that one would consider dynamic, related to the gameplay. This doesn’t do any good to the replay value, as you will play the same thing over and over without any significant changes. At some point, you will get bored, especially when you fail several times, and the game keeps on taking you right from the start. There are no distinct objectives, so there’s nothing much that the player will strive to achieve. Hopefully, there will be more dynamics in the next Geometry Dash update. 

The Bottom Line 

The game will certainly keep you busy during your free time. If mediocre graphics are not a bother, you can download Geometry Dash and enjoy the challenge it serves. It would be great if the game could continue from where a player previously failed at. Apart from this major setback, Geometry Dash is a cool game to kill time. Get the Geometry Dash free to play the game and give it a try.



Download Geometry Dash at zero cost for your Android or iOS device. You are sure to get a challenging but fun time when playing.

Pros : Dynamic gameplay with new challenges added regularly;
Free both to download and to play;
Steam support is available.

Cons : Difficult to play;
Restarts the game each time you fail.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.5


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