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Geometry Dash Lite is a 2D platformer game that is rhythm-based and truly tests your reactive skills. You can download Geometry Dash Lite for your iPhone or iPad or Android smartphone or tablet and see how good you are at it.

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Graphics – 5/5

It’s only fair to start this Geometry Dash Lite review with graphics. The graphics are one of the best things about the Geometry Dash Lite free app. Despite their visual simplicity, the app looks extremely stylish and modern. It has colorful 2D environments with an extensive variety of platforms on which have to jump to avoid danger. The Geometry Dash Lite is bright and colorful, which adds to the fast-paced rhythm of the game and gives you a true rush of adrenaline.

Gameplay – 5/5

The gameplay of the Geometry Dash Lite full game is as simple as it is genius. Most people have played platformer games at one point or another and they are known to be quite gripping and nerve-racking. In the game, you can not only play as a colorful square and jump over obstacles but you can even fly a rocket at some moment and avoid danger in that way.

The platformer is rhythm-based and has some fun soundtracks to keep your hyped throughout the game. As you progress in the game, you can unlock new ways to customize your character, change colors, and more. There is even a level editor available for players if you want to become creative in that way. Geometry Dash Lite is definitely a wonderful game for when you feel like you want to have some fun in an easy way.

Controls – 4/5

The controls in this game are simple but it doesn’t mean that playing Geometry Dash Lite becomes easy because of that. The app uses one-touch controls, which makes it quite tricky to navigate and move over the obstacles. You need to figure out the best strategy for you and find the best moments to jump in order to win in this game. There is a practice mode in which you can train yourself to become better.

Replay Value – 4/5

The replay value of Geometry Dash Lite is fairly high. You can become really good at it after some time but it has plenty of challenges to keep you coming back. Once you don’t play this game for some time, you can lose your skills and playing it again will be as if you just opened it for the first time.

The Bottom Line

Geometry Dash Lite is among the best platformer games out there for mobile phones. It’s challenging, often frustrating, and it really puts your skills to the test. You can spend hours on this game and not notice where the time went. The app has an excellent design that is both entertaining and not overwhelmed with unnecessary elements. If you want to escape boredom, you can download Geometry Dash Lite for free for your smartphone, either Android or iOS.



Geometry Dash Lite takes on a platformer-style adventure. It is a gripping, fun, and well-designed app for adults or children.

Pros : Excellent design and soundtracks;
One-touch controls;

Cons : The app contains ads;
Minor glitches.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.5


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