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  • Last update: 3 years ago
  • Version: 1.2.36
  • Size: 60.62M
  • Compatibility: 2.3.3 and up
  • Author: FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
  • Content rating: Rated for 3+
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Red Ball 4 Review — Bouncy Boys Attack

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Red Ball 4 is a rhythm-based platformer for iOS and Androids. It tells a saga of the cheerful and laid-back red balls, who got overrun by evil, dark cubes. The balls are not happy with the idea of losing their initial geometrical shape. As a result, a rebellion sparks! Download Red Ball 4 and bounce till you win!

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Graphics 5/5

Red Ball 4 free to play game is very eye-catchy. It doesn't bear a tremendous amount of detail in its art style though. But simplicity is key in this case. Your avatar — a red energetic ball — has a visible charisma. It is an adventurous and dashing little buddy. He makes his way through dark woods, sun-lit emerald fields, caverns, etc.

Sometimes there'll be a random butterfly/birdie floating above and that's it. No more extra visual distractions. The pivotal element here is the game's physics: you almost get a tactile sense that the Red One is made of rubber: the jumps, swirls, and flights are quite impressive.

Gameplay 4/5

Red Ball 4 full game challenges you to stop the Dark Cube invasion. Travel from one level to another and carefully calculate the rhythm of your jumps & attacks. Collect golden Stars. Use whatever item you can, to get rid of the pesky cubes: squash them with crates, catapult them to death with a giant hammer (but don't get hit with yourself).

Our Red Ball 4 review alerts: it's all about reaction, tactics, and luck. You get only 5 lives for the entire game. And some of the levels (9, 26, 50) are pretty hard to beat. Therefore don't be tricked by the game's naive visuals: if you want to make it to the first boss battle, keep your eyes peeled. The recharge time takes up to 20 minutes for 1 life to recover.

Controls 3/5

Red Ball 4 gameplay is based on mastering these bouncy mechanics. And its controls could use more precision. In some levels, it becomes more visible, especially when you have to avoid getting hit by one of the demonic contraptions. Failing responsiveness and poor micro-control may strip you of your 5 tries quickly.

Replay Value 3/5

Red Ball 4 install could be your solution for time killing. It's addictive and fun and also good for keeping your kids busy. But it has a rather stingy policy on giving out extra lives. And some of the levels are quite hard to crack, encouraging you to give up and abandon the game.

The Bottom Line

The bouncy title is a great adventure. It has a classic platformer spirit, time-based puzzles and simple, but catchy personalities of the Red One and the enemies. At the same time, it indirectly incentivizes you to cash out for infinite lives, leaving almost no chance to beat it for free. You might want to get a Red Ball 4 unblocked version.



Download Red Ball 4 and bounce your way to freedom, glory and victory!

Pros : Upbeat tempo;
Challenging levels;
Good for time-killing;
Cubes that villainous anti-magnetism.

Cons : You get just 5 lives;
Level 26 is quite difficult;
Liferegeneration takes 1 hour;
Infinite retries cost extra money.

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 4.0

Controls 3.0

Replay Value 3.0

Average : 3.8

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Red Ball 4 Version History

  • Red Ball 4 v.1.2.36 for Android 2.3.4+ Jun. 08, 2016
  • Red Ball 4 v.1.2.26 for Android 2.3.4+ May. 10, 2016
  • Red Ball 4 v.1.2.20 for Android 2.3.4+ Feb. 03, 2016
  • Red Ball 4 v.1.2.15 for Android 2.3.4+ Dec. 13, 2015
  • Red Ball 4 v.1.2.6 for Android 2.3.4+ Jun. 13, 2015
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1 Comment

  • k
    2 years ago
    o red ball 4 eo melhor jogo que tem no mundo tenho ele no meu tablet
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