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Sudoku if a free puzzle game for iOS. It features the classic Japanese math-related gameplay, in which you're challenged to guess the missing numbers within one field. A great trainer for memory and logic, Sudoku is famous for stimulating and boosting cognitive abilities. Download Sudoku if you want to compete with Einstein himself!

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Graphics — 4/5

Sudoku game is quite simplistic, but very eye-appealing at the same time. Its color choice includes smooth, mellow tonality of yellow, mustard, deep red and brown. Along with the soothing visual tones, it certainly borrows some art stylistics from the medieval Muromachi Japan: numbers and words are similar to hieroglyphs. What's pretty cute is that figures are drawn on the Chōchin paper lanterns.

Gameplay — 4.5/5

Our Sudoku review is 100% sure this is the classic Japanese brain--bender. Only with a couple of modern modifications. Just like in the classic game, you should guess and place the missing digits. The game's field typically consists of 9 subgrids with figures from 1-9 put in them. So, to beat the Sudoku gameplay, you'll need some good logic, combinatory and focusing skills.

Apart from the basic challenge, Sudoku full game contains 5 difficulty levels with up to 3,000 puzzles in total. A staggering amount, if you ask! So, you'll always have leeway for progressing and sharpening your deduction abilities.

Additionally, Sudoku latest version offers extra game packs:

  • Gempei;
  • Kurikara;
  • Sakai;
  • Meiji;
  • Subushi;
  • Norada and others.

Each on costs $0.99 and brings you extra 100 game boards to try your talents at. Beware though: even after you buy an IAP board pack, ads won't be removed at all.

Controls — 4/5

The game isn't hard to control. You choose a square to be filled with a missing number and it's all done by tapping. However, you should be precise about your moves/gestures since sometimes it's easy to hit the wrong square. And in the higher difficulty levels it'll mean instant game over.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

With its challenging gameplay and a giant number of puzzles, Sudoku iOS will provide hours of nice and calming play. You can compete with yourself by solving top puzzles faster each time, unlock new levels or just relax for another minute at this captivating brain-twister.

The Bottom Line

Sudoku free game is actually freemium. It gives you only a hundred of playable levels free of charge and goes pretty hard on ads. At the same time, its costless content is enough to entertain you for a week or two. Its art style is quite authentic. And the workout it gives to your brains is priceless.



Squeeze everything you can out of your skull computer and beat one challenge after another. Download Sudoku and be a math puzzle whizkid!

Pros : 3,000 games to play;
Good for memory & logic;
Error checking feature;
Selectable difficulty;
Sudoku free download for iOS.

Cons : Numerous ads (even in IAPs);
Only the first 100 boards are free;
No Sudoku Android version;
Just 3 difficulty levels for free.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.3


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