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Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is a mobile game for Android and iOS. It offers an array of stunningly beautiful pics, which you must recreate piece by piece using your focusing skills. From Icelandic Gullfoss to Millau Viaduct in France — its peacefulness and a great pic selection will carry your imagination away. Download Magic Jigsaw Puzzles and relax!

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Graphics — 5/5

Our Magic Jigsaw Puzzles review believes that the game is a champion at visuals. The reference pictures, which you must reassemble, are high-quality. They are provided by the likes of Sony Pictures and National Geographic.

There are thousands of them, and cuteness + gorgeousness are the best defining words. Majestic dunes of burning Sahara, a cozy Welsh cottage, luxurious sub-tropical Jacaranda and Kaffir lily flowers, Aurora Borealis somewhere near the Finnish Gulf... the list can go forever.

The meditative gameplay and impressive imagery are accompanied with calm music. You can relax to these tranquil jams or switch the sound off and choose something form your own collection: Space Ambience 59, Castle Lullaby, Aphex Twin, etc.

Gameplay — 5/5

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles gameplay is all about assembling jigsaws! There are 5 difficulty levels, with each one having more pieces than the previous. The biggest puzzles contain 630 elements — quite impressive.

Originally pieces are just put in front of you like a chaotic pile. And it's up to you to identify what is depicted. For instance, a sleepy ginger kitten taking a nap in a basket. Make sure where each piece belongs to and get to work! But in case it's way too challenging for you at the moment, there's a preview image to refer to.

All in all, Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Android is like a meditation. It soothes the nervous system, relaxes your mind and sharpens memory + mental concentration. It has a difficulty setting suitable for every age. However, beware: the game charges money for extra puzzles. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles price may charge up to $99.99 per year.

Controls — 3.5/5

The game is intuitive and simple to control. Press your index finger against the screen and manipulate the puzzle pieces all you want. However, due to some tech-flaws game controls have a pesky glitch: when you rotate the puzzle, the whole progress may be lost.

Replay Value — 4/5

With its giant cornucopia of puzzles — about 25,000 at the moment — Magic Jigsaw Puzzles full game won't run out of content for a long time. Though you need to know that its best jigsaws charge you a subscription fee. The free ones are either too easy or not that pretty.

The Bottom Line

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles latest version does have flaws. But its gameplay is tranquil, and its image collection is like a spine massage to your eyes. If you'd like to have an intoxicatingly calm and brain-sharpening game — Magic Jigsaw Puzzles free download is just for you.



Download Magic Jigsaw Puzzles if your favor calming and smooth games. It has a variety of fine quality images, a large online community and everyday updates.

Pros : Earnable coins;
HD picture quality;
Relaxing gameplay;
Thousands of puzzles;
You can design original jigsaws.

Cons : Too many IAPs;
Rotation glitch;
Frequent freezing;
The game is rather pricy.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 3.5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.4


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  • How can I find the not connected pieces in the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles game?

    Just long-tap the completed frame in case you can't find a piece. After that, each non-connected piece will be highlighted.

  • How many puzzles are there in the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles game?

    You'll get access to over 5000 excellent, high-definition puzzles.

  • How many difficulty levels are there in the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles game?

    You can try yourself in 5 levels of difficulty and collect a puzzle consisting of up to 550 pieces.

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