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School of Dragons is a role-playing game based on ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ by DreamWorks. Download School of Dragons and train your favorite dragon from the movies.

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Graphics – 5/5

The game has very nice and realistic graphics. First of all, the quality of the textures is high, and every model looks neat and detailed. That means you can distinguish one dragon from another easily just by looking at it, so true fans of the movies will be satisfied. This game looks especially great on an iPad screen, but it’s also enjoyable on iPhones, although School of Dragons game size is not that huge.

Gameplay – 5/5

The gameplay revolves around traveling across the lands, completing quests and gathering dragons. You can visit 30 different zones, and School of Dragons full game includes 8 expansion packs with over 400 quests to complete. Still, your primary goal is to find and train dragons, and you can find more than 60 of them in this game including Toothless and Stormfly.

Once you find a dragon on one of your journeys, you can start to train and customize him, and there are really thousands of options like skins and other visual features for your pet to be truly unique. The only perceptible minus is that School of Dragons costs a lot, and playing it for free is too difficult, because sometimes you may even be unable to complete quests without crystals that are purchased with real money.

Controls – 5/5

The controls are simple and intuitive. The most important buttons are rather huge, and their place on the screen allows you to tap them with your thumb easily. The interface is very informative as well, so you need just one glance to understand how much resources do you have or what do you have to do next. The icons for abilities in the battle mode are obvious, and that means you won’t spend too much time memorizing what do they do.

Replay Value – 4/5

A new School of Dragons update appears every now and then, and the gameplay is very engaging, so you can play it for months. However, the content is not randomly generated, so once you’ve discovered every area and trained all of the dragons, there’s not very much left for you to do in the game. That means you probably won’t start it all over again.

The Bottom Line

While reading this School of Dragons review, you should probably keep in mind that the game is aimed at the fans of the original movies, so if you didn’t see it or didn’t like it that much, the game may feel like a lot less fun. Still, it’s a great role-playing adventure with a lot of high-quality content, so it can be recommended for almost everyone.



School of Dragons is a great role-playing game with a lot of things to discover. Download School of Dragons and fly your dragons to the victory.

Pros : Neat and detailed graphics;
Addictive gameplay;
Flexible controls;
Lots of content.

Cons : Gameplay relies on inapp purchases;
Replay value is not too high.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.8


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