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Plague Inc. is an adrenaline-pumping destroy-the-world simulation game by Ndemic Creations. This nerve-wracking strategy encourages you to undertake a mission to destroy humanity with the help of a deadly virus. Get rid of any moral principles and download Plague Inc. to enjoy one of the most fascinating gaming experiences ever!

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Graphics – 5/5

The graphics of Plague Inc. are glorious: realistic three-dimensional models will provide a close look at the world’s most dangerous viruses and bacteria, body scans will show how mutations affect different organs, and city cams will live stream the chaos on the streets.

The interface of the game is truly impressive and very realistic. It makes you feel like you are indeed a crazy scientist who is sitting in a top-secret lab, creating some deadly biological weapons.

Gameplay – 5/5

The key task of the game is straightforward: you need to create the most noxious disease you can to kill as many people as possible before they find a way to cure it. At the start, you are offered to choose the type of pandemic and its symptoms. Then, you select a country on the world map where you want your plague to outbreak first. As the disease spreads worldwide, you earn more and more DNA points.

If you want your disease to grow stronger and turn into a real pandemic, you will have to add new features to the original symptoms, enabling mutations. Your progress in the game will appear in the news ticker section at the top of the screen. Monitor it to see the world’s reaction to your virus and get some helpful insights on how to facilitate its further spread.

Controls – 4/5

The navigation seems a little confusing at first, and it takes time to find your bearings in the game. Here, you will constantly have to switch between different menus and tabs, which can be a little tiresome. Apart from that, the game's controls are easy and intuitive.

Replay Value – 5/5

The replay value of this game is high due to the availability of a few disease types to select from. Each type of disease has its symptoms and unexpected side effects, each mutates in its unpredictable way, resulting in something even more terrible. You cannot stop until you have seen it all!

The Bottom Line

Plague Inc. is a terrifying strategy that offers you to devise your apocalyptic scenario for humanity. While most other simulation games let you be a hero who saves the world, Plague Inc. turns you into a villain seeking to destroy the planet. It might not be very ethical, but it is so much fun!



How do you want the life on the Earth to end? Shall it be malignant bacteria, a contagious virus or a nasty parasite? Download Plague Inc. for your Android or iOS device and find out now.

Pros : Helps develop creative-thinking and problem-solving skills;
Teaches teen players sophisticated science-related concepts.

Cons : The idea behind the game is highly questionable;
Too much downtime when the player remains inactive.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8


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