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Turbo Dismount is a vehicular simulation where its all about disarraying order on the roads. Crash into other vehicles, cause a traffic jam and perform outrageous motor stunts to earn points. You can Download Turbo Dismount from the App Store and the Google Play Store. 

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Graphics 4/5

In regards to the looks, Turbo Dismount simulation game has awesome graphics, and these make it even more enjoyable to play. The smoothness of the texture and color used in rendering objects is noteworthy. Though the level of realism is still wanting, the animation is great compared to other games in the simulation category. Textual components in the game are well visible for easy readability. Overall, the game has cool visuals. 

Gameplay 3/5

The whole Turbo Dismount gameplay revolves around one agenda, causing havoc on the roads. You start by choosing a vehicle, a road, the obstacles, your character’s position on said vehicle, an angle of view, and driving speed. From there, your avatar is in for the most death-defying yet hilarious ride as you spectate. While reality might be a tradeoff for theatricality, the game depicts laws of physics at work during collisions. 

As you start, you have three vehicles at your disposal and three levels to play.  From there, you will be required to pay $0.99 for every unlock you desire to make. Vehicles you can board include buses, skateboard, cars, construction vehicles, and tracks. The more you crash into other cars and walls, the more points you will get. Also, you can check your ranking on the game center leaderboards. Your position is based on your score and achievements.

Controls 4/5

A must mention in this Turbo Dismount review is, that the game has some of the simplest controls you can find among other vehicular simulations. You control vehicles and your character by tapping and holding buttons on the screen, no hassles. Another cool thing is that you can view replays. Noteworthy, you can control the speed of replays by dragging on the replay speed slider. Also, one of the coolest Turbo Dismount specs is that it has controller support. 

Replay Value 3/5

The game offers a fair replay value. Though there are several activities you can engage in such as crashing vehicles and walls and performing stunts, there’s nothing else to do. This may get boring with time. While it is a cool game to pass the time, there’s nothing much that the game offers in regards to the replay value. However, there might be new challenges and features added in the subsequent versions, so be sure to check the latest Turbo Dismount update. 

The Bottom Line 

Turbo Dismount is a cool game, but somewhat limited in scope. It is certainly repetitive, just a few changes from one level to another. Also, if you are the curious type, you can try different vehicles and obstacles and see the varying scales of destruction. It has a lot of fans, and there’s nothing to lose by giving it a try as the first three levels are free to play.



If you are a fun of vehicular simulations, this is a game worth trying. You can get the Turbo Dismount iOS or Android version. Download Turbo Dismount for free today!

Pros : Awesome graphics;
Simple to use controls;
A variety of vehicles to choose from.

Cons : Monotonous gameplay;
No online multiplayer option.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 3

Controls 4

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.5


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