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Scrabble is a mobile version of the popular board game that allows you to challenge anyone online or just play solo against the computer. You can challenge your Facebook friends or match with random opponents to play the game together. Download Scrabble and try to outsmart other players.

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Graphics – 4/5

For a mobile board game, Scrabble has rather decent graphics. The color scheme is pleasant, and every detail on the board is clear and sharp. You can easily identify all of the special squares by their color, and there are avatars that allow you to see your opponents. All in all, a game like this doesn’t need superior graphics to be engaging, but the developers try to make it as appealing as possible.

Gameplay – 5/5

If you’ve ever played the original Scrabble game, you will love this version. The rules are the same: you have to use the letters you get and the letters that are already on the board to create new words. Each letter grants a certain amount of points which are multiplied if your letter falls on one of the special squares. Your main goal is to score more than your opponents by the end of the game.
Scrabble apk features a few different modes to choose from. You can invite your Facebook friends to play, or just let the game choose a random opponent for you. There’s also an option to play the Scrabble game online with a time limit in player turns, so you make the game much more dynamic. The game also features a handful of wordlists and a dictionary to solve difficult situations that arise mid-game.

Controls – 5/5

The controls are intuitive enough. You pick a letter you want, drag it to the board and then drop on some square. If you’ve created a word, the game will notify you, counting your points automatically. Such reliable controls are crucial in the Speed Play mode when every second is important. Scrabble also features a chat for you to communicate with your opponents.

Replay Value – 5/5

Scrabble full game has rather high replay value. The gameplay is simple but quite engaging, and you may find yourself playing it for hours already. When there are no friends online, you can simply play against the computer that has precise difficulty setting to adjust your experience. But since the app is popular, you can always find some random user to play against.

The Bottom Line

Scrabble is a great mobile game that is recommended not only for fans of the original game, but also for every fan of good board games. If you like to play with words and don’t mind a lot of ads that are shown quite often, the game won’t disappoint you. So stop reading this Scrabble review and try the game out.



Scrabble is an engaging board game with words that is intuitive and fun to play. Download Scrabble and earn the most points.

Pros : Interesting and engaging gameplay;
Nice graphics for a board game;
Reliable controls;
Different modes.

Cons : A lot of annoying ads;
Occasional glitches.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8


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  • Can I download the Scrabble app for free?

    Yes, you can download it for free.

  • Is there any ad-free Scrabble app version?

    Yes, a Scrabble Premium.

  • Where can I download free Scrabble app for free?

    You can do it on the official website.

  • Is there a free full version of Hasbro Scrabble to download?

    Unfortunately, no.

  • Where can I download free Scrabble app for Android tablet?

    You can download it on Google Play.

  • Is there a Scrabble app without ads?

    Yes, but it is paid.

  • Is Scrabble app available for an Android phone?

    Yes, it is.

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